Cub Section – General Info

There are 2 busy Cub Packs in the 1st Sevenoaks Scout Group. 1st Braeside Cubs meet on Tuesdays and 1st Hicks Own Cubs meet on Wednesdays, both at 6.30-8.00pm. Each pack has around 30 cubs on their register.

Cubs love gaining Badges so our meetings offer cubs the opportunity to gain various Challenge and Activity Badges from the Cub Scout Programme. We have a lot of fun with these, and in playing games, trying new things, visiting local places of interest, and inviting visitors to show us new skills. We also start to look at some traditional scouting skills such as knotting, fire building, map and compass reading, hiking and camping.

The Cub section joins with other Cub Packs in the Sevenoaks District for competitions, larger camps, and special Badge sessions from time to time.