1st Sevenoaks Scout Group

1st Sevenoaks Scout Group is an organisation run by its members for its members.
We believe that scouts has something to offer for everyone whether that is for the young people taking part, parents, volunteers or the local community.
The group boasts a beaver colony, cub pack and scout troop with around 100 members but all of this is only possible due to a small but dedicated team supporting in the background. Whether you are a prospective scout, parent or volunteer, we hope that the following will offer guidance on joining 1st Sevenoaks.

Young People

We Scout – but why should you?

Try a variety of different activities
From archery and abseiling to sailing and skiing, being a 1st Sevenoaks Scout gives you the chance to get stuck into loads of activities you wouldn’t normally get to do.
Make new friends
Going to your Scout meetings is a chance to meet up with your mates, have a laugh and do lots of exciting activities. You’ll meet adventurous people just like you who want to do something a little different.
Have fun
Chief Scout Bear Grylls says life is about grabbing opportunities! We agree! Above everything else, Scouting is all about enjoying yourself, whatever you’re doing – and there’ll always be plenty to do!
Get outdoors
As a Scout, you get to explore the big outdoors and travel to new places and try new things. Sounds better than being stuck in the house with nothing to do, right?
Learn new exciting things
Not many people know about the stars at night, how to sail a dinghy or make a sausage stew on a campfire, but you soon will! Scouting helps you learn lots of new and amazing skills – and you get to earn badges and rewards along the way.

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Got a question?

When can my child join Scouting?
Starting age for Beavers is usually 6. Looking ahead, children can join Cubs from the age of 8 and Scouts from 10 and a half. Within the district there are Explorer Scouts for 14 to 18 year olds. Anyone from the age of 14 can help run the section meetings.
How much does membership cost?
It is around £50 a term with yearly extra fee for capitation (insurance). If you’re concerned about the cost, do get in contact in confidence as assistance is available.
How will my child benefit from joining Scouts?
Parents tell us their children benefit hugely from the adventures, fun and friendships they experience. Scouts helps develop your child physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually with children becoming more self-assured and independent whilst having access to some amazing and memorable opportunities.
Why has 1st Sevenoaks got a waiting list?
This is a problem nationally where there are currently 30,000 young people waiting to join Scouts. 1st Sevenoaks has enough people on the waiting lists to start new Beaver and Cub groups instantly (and this would soon lead to a new Scout Troop being needed). This is all due to a shortage of volunteers – why not help out? Whatever your skills and availability, there will be some way you can contribute, meaning more young people get to experience the adventure of Scouting.
How do I get my child to join?
Check out the Young People webpages to see if 1st Sevenoaks is the group for you. If so, no matter the age of your child, the first step is to register them by filling in the online form. This will put your child on the waiting list and you will be contacted when a space becomes available. Unfortunately if your child is already of an age to join then the chances of becoming a member within the group are very low but the good news is that if you are willing to commit to helping out you can get them a place within the troop straight away.


Want to get involved – we need your help!

Do I really have the skills you need?
You don’t have to be an adventurer like Bear Grylls to get involved with Scouting. Do you have first aid knowledge? Are you good with numbers? Handy in the kitchen? Or are you a DIY whizz. You will have useful skills and can volunteer and help in many ways. Whether you want to be the treasurer or a kayak coach, we can offer the support and training needed for these roles too. Check out the list of roles that we need help with within the group.
What if I don’t have that much spare time?
Volunteering with us is easy, fun and flexible – how much time you give is completely up to you. Whether you help out once a fortnight, month or term or just at special events or camps, there is bound to be a role you can play, and no matter how you get involved, we’ll make sure you’re properly trained and supported. We have all types helping with the group from parents working 14 hour days in London to those with small children so we feel that it’s always possible to find a role that suits you where you can get involved.
What will I get out of volunteering?
As well as gaining externally recognised skills and having a brilliant time, Scouting also offers the chance to build on personal skills, like teamwork, confidence and leadership. A study found that over 90% of Scouting volunteers believe that the skills and experiences they have gained through Scouting have been of relevance to their working or personal lives.
My child is in Scouting – is there anything I could do to help?
The short answer is yes. Many of our helpers and leaders are parents of our youth members because they’ve seen firsthand how Scouting benefits young people and want to give something back. It’s also a chance to spend more time with your children and learn new skills. Fill in the adult volunteer registration form to register your interest in becoming involved.
Are there any age restrictions on helping out?
As long as you’re over 18, you can help out as an adult volunteer in Scouting. There is no upper age limit for adult volunteers. If you are aged between 14 to 18, there is the option of becoming a Young Leader.

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