Scout Survey

As much as we can, we like to tailor our programme and activities to the wishes and interests of the scouts. This allows them to get the most out of their Scouting experience.
The questionnaire will take about 10 mins to complete and will help us to plan the 2017 programme. It lets us know what you think about the current programme and what you would like to see on offer in 2017. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback.

The questionnaire is designed for scouts and parents to answer together.
Please be honest!

– knowing what you’re interested in really helps with our planning
– knowing what you’re not interested avoids us organising sessions only to have them very poorly attended
– raising issues means that we can address them


We currently try to hold weekend camps once a term and try to alternate these between activity based, themed and traditional. Normally themed camps such as a Survival Camp are very popular as are camps boasting activities like quad biking etc. Simpler camps are less popular and we struggle to have very many takers for anything in the autumn/winter months - hence why we didn't run one this term.

We try to keep our camps as cheap as possible as we know cost can be a burden. Simple camps are usually about £20 with activity based camps generally being no more than £35 for a weekend. Summer camp is usually £180. If we charged more, we would be able to do more activities or buy additional equipment etc.

Feel free to provide any additional general comments regarding camps, e.g. when to avoid, what has/hasn't been popular, how they could appeal more to you as a family etc


The core activities that we currently run at scouts outside of the usual Thursday evenings are:

Air rifle shooting

Where possible, we also try to offer taster sessions in a range of other activities. For these, we often combine with other troops at Sevenoaks District level. This allows us to offer these opportunities to those who are keen but without needing a high level of interest from within a single troop.

Beginner (Local setting)
Intermediate level (County setting)
Advanced (Adventurous terrain within the country)

Insert ideas here.


General issues

Whilst we work pretty hard to make scouts as enjoyable as possible, we appreciate that things don’t always run smoothly.
It’s a tightrope challenge trying to make the evenings fun, constructive, timely and yet safe and coordinated. We wouldn’t claim to be successful at this. It’s also a huge challenge trying to fit scub training, (A)PL training, games, meaningful activities and clearing up into 2 hours and we accept that the scouts leaving at 9.10 or 9.15pm is more often the norm no matter how hard we try. Finally, we take the view that badges are there for the scouts to earn and not be given out like candy – but accept that this means that few are actually gaining any.
Have any of the following issues affected you or your child in the last six months? If these issues matter to enough people we will change our priorities.

Anything else?

We're always looking for more support running the group.

If you answered yes, perhaps check out the many roles that we are looking for support with.

Thanks for your time. All the best for 2017. May it be more than just another year.