Subscriptions for this term are now due.

This term’s subscription is set at £45/child per term. If you have more than one child in the Group the amounts are reduced as shown below.

  • 1 child         £45 due
  • 2 children    £86 due
  • 3 children    £115 due
  • 4 children    £150 due

We incur large charges for credit cards so would ask you to pay by debit card.


We would prefer not to get cheques but this is still possible – payable to 1st Sevenoaks Scouts Group – please email to let us know you would like to do this.

Could you please make your payment promptly and ease the burden on our volunteers, chasing for late payment is time consuming.

This system does sometimes have issues. If there are any issues or problems at any point then please contact us on