Scout survey

We’ve looked at the feedback from the questionnaires sent out at the beginning of the year. We’ve collated the answers from 16 scouts families below along with our responses.

We want offer a programme that caters for everyone; we appreciate that a lot of you have many other sporting and academic commitments and attending on Thursday nights is all that you desire but we are also looking to offer more for those of you who want to develop skills further. Whilst other troops have been whitewater kayaking in Dartmoor, walking in the mountains and rock climbing in the peak district, we have been missing out on some of the best parts of scouting as those who are really keen haven’t been given the chance to progress to this level. We hope to strike the compromise between offering too much and not having anyone attend and not letting those who are keen experience available opportunities.



We currently try to hold weekend camps, once a term varying whether these are activity based, themed or traditional.


You tell us you’re broadly happy with the structure of camps but you’re not that worried about the price of camps.

Activities for 2015

Here’s your thoughts on what we offer and what you want offered.

You tell us you are broadly happy with the activity structure that we have in place but you’re only really interested in most them between 1 and 3 times a year. We will use the feedback to plan activities for 2015.


What do you think of our current means of communication?

In order to keep weekly emails short and to the point, we’ll try and develop the website further so that a lot of information is kept there instead of overloading your inboxes.

General Issues

Younger scouts have an issue with late departures whilst overall there is a general but minor issue with poor discipline. We will attempt to improve this in 2015.

Getting Involved

Individual Comments

Not enough opportunity to use knives and matches!!

Sometimes some of the activities are a bit limited in enjoyment – especially at 3rd time round

Scouts is very new and exciting for the younger of the two children in the family, whilst the older one is harder to engage at present unless motivated by new challenges or peer challenges.

Some of the older scouts could set a better example.

Great to always [camp for the] first week of hols – so plan rest of summer around it. Love the tuck shop. Love wide games.

Scouts has helped a huge amount – can always tell on school trips which kids have been a cub/scout – more confident at staying away from home, sleeping in tents, “roughing it”, overcoming challenges & trying new activities .

Worst bit of scouting: Map reading in the hut, knots, first aid, health & safety stuff. Anyway it could be more fun? I don’t really like those meetings – but I know I should come.

Loved escaping from locked room & working out codes night, the last night of term physical challenges eve was fun, cardboard box kayaking, crazy things like the Harlem Shake, Wide games, climbing at Harrison rocks, loved coaststeering……

Totally understand the problems with timing but would be grateful if the evening could finish at 9. It’s quite demanding on the younger ones to stay out til 9.15 on a school night.

I don’t like when the older boys swear and are rough.

It would be good if activities finished on time but occassional late finish is not an issue. Our scout enjoys scouts very much but sometimes he is quite tired and it is difficult for him to engage. Is a slightly earlier time possible?

Due to number & frequency and busy lives keep as short as possible.

Worst bit of scouting: Hyper badly behaved kids

A short Easter camp would be fun.


Verdict: Pretty good but could be better!