Scout Promise

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and the Queen, to help other people and keep the Scout Law.

Scout Law

  1. A scout is to be trusted.
    In scouts we function as a team. For the team to work to its fullest potential we need trust that we can all deliver our part.
  2. A scout is loyal.
    In our team we need to work together, helping each other along. Loyalty is not just to the troop but to ourselves, our patrols and each other.
  3. A scout is friendly and considerate.
    To get the most out of scouting we need to get along irrespective of how we feel about each other. Building new lasting friendships is an important part of being a scout.
  4. A scout belongs to the worldwide family of scouts.
    It is important to acknowledge that Scouting is a worldwide organisation. So much more can be got out of Scouts through meeting others of different backgrounds and cultures, abroad or at international camps.
  5. A scout has courage in all difficulties.
    A large part of development at Scouts is through trying new things and pushing yourselves to achieve more than you thought that you could do. Having the courage to do this is the only way to achieve our full potential.
  6. A scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.
    The equipment that we use at scouts belongs to us all and future generations. We need to look after the equipment that we have now to enable others to use it and benefit from.
  7. A scout has self respect and respect for others.
    At Scouts everyone is treated as adults. They are given responsibility and have their say and their views repected. We need to respect ourselves and give our most and respect others in order to get the most out of others.


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10 Knots and Lashings (you should know)

  1. Reef Knot
  2. Round turn and two half hitches
  3. Figure of Eight
  4. Clove Hitch
  5. Rolling Hitch
  6. Bowline
  7. Sheetbend
  8. Square Lashing
  9. Shear Lashing
  10. Diagonal Lashing

Scout Skills

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