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Interested in acquiring badges? Read on…
There are a whole host of badges that you can get at scouts. Unfortunately most of these require some input from you outside scouts. Also if you do any activities outside scouts such as martial arts, sailing, fencing or play musical instruments then there are badges that you can get. Check out for all the details on activity badges.

Your thoughts, your troop, your year

We’ve taken your feedback for what you want in next year and drawn some pretty graphs with it. Oh and we’ll probably use it to put some ideas in place for the programme for this year.

What's going on?

The programme for the new term can be viewed here. Don’t forget we always want your feedback and thoughts.

Competitive Spirit?


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The inter-patrol competition has begun in earnest for this year. Keep up to date with how your patrol is doing.

Super Scouts read on...

Now there’s no excuse. Everything thing that you need to know for scouts from uniform, the Scout Law and Promise to essential knots are all online. See Scout Skills