Helping Hands

Ever thought of volunteering at the scout group. It’s probably a lot easier than you thought…

The Volunteer Online Registration Form

I’m really busy. The Group is running well without my help - Or Is It ?

Everyone’s always really busy, children and parents alike. Children need taking places to do their sports, music lessons, then there’s work and home life to juggle… this is life on a weekly basis for your child’s leaders as well. The section meeting needs preparing, we need to buy the ingredients for the Pancake Night or book the session at the climbing wall, sort out badges, pack away all of the kit for camp, clean the toilets, order the archery equipment, chase the subscriptions, attend the fundraising meeting, email out the weekly notices. Your child might attend for only an hour or two a week but in the background a few people are putting in many, many times that. If left to one person this can lead to frustration and leaving the Group which can affect the quality of Scouting on offer to your children.

More people sharing the workload makes all the difference

Only two hours a week? Yeah right!

Whilst it’s true that Scouting will take up as much time as you want to give it, we’d appreciate any commitment that you’d be willing to take no matter how small or infrequent. There are a variety of areas where your time would be a huge help to the running of the Group, even if it was only an hour once a term or even once a year. Perhaps you could help out at a weekly meeting once a month or with a bag packing event that runs once a year. The alternative is that a small band of volunteers have to do an awful lot of work to provide the fun and enjoyment for your child. Irrespective of how many leaders you think there are, every single section needs more help. Having a few extra volunteers helps share the workload and ensures everyone has fun.

I’m not very good at fires and map reading. I really wouldn’t be any use.

There are a large number of areas where you could really make a difference without going anywhere near a compass. You might have a hobby that you could teach the cubs or you don’t mind helping manage some of the group admin, take minutes at the exec meeting or help with managing the group equipment. Then again, maybe you’d like to learn with us and next time teach someone else.

Areas we could do with help are numerous. Check out our typical list of roles we need help with. I’m sure that there would be something you would like to do or feel you would be good at.

We’d like to create a system whereby a lot more people were involved helping out as much or as little as they were happy to do without being a burden on anyone’s time. A larger team would mean a better level of Scouting on offer and a happier, more effective and supportive team.

What is in it for me?

We’re all volunteers at the end of the day, but helping out could mean making a difference to the local community, getting to know others, spending more quality time with your children or learning a new skill (ever wanted to know how to light a fire and boil water in a paper bag?). If you’re active perhaps you’d like to join us for an activity like biking or hiking. We could always help you develop a sport such as climbing, kayaking or air rifle shooting and become a nationally recognised coach. Or maybe coach the cub football team. It can add something to CVs or work towards DofE or just your own sense of well being.

Any parent becoming a uniformed leader and helping out regularly at least five times a term gains their child a guaranteed place. If your child is on the waiting list then this is a great way to get both them and you involved straight away.

Who can help out?

Anyone. There is a place for mum, dad, older siblings, relatives, cousins and friends. Why not make it a family affair? We’d ask that you complete a DBS check before helping out at an event but most people will have already completed this as parents of children in the group.

Want to know more?

The easiest step is to fill out our online registration form for volunteers. Contact your child’s section leader or email the group for more details. Give us an idea of what kind of activity you’d be happy to support with and what time you think you could afford. Feel free to start small; you could always commit more once you’ve seen what it’s like.

Thanks for your support.